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Moscow State Gymnasium 1592 was founded on September 6th, 2008
Anton V. Bogdanov is a principal of Gymnasium, PhD, teacher of English, the creator of International Partnership department at Gymnasium; Natalya A. Savvateeva is a deputy principal, teacher of Spanish.


The school curriculum  comprises 3 stages for grades 1 through 11: primary school with compulsory basics of foreign languages, secondary comprehensive school and two years of senior school with emphasis  on Philology. The extra-curricular program includes cultural, social, sports, natural science, scientific and technical educational courses.
The Gymnasium has been given the status of the 'Experimental Site'.
Individualized educational approach together with personality-oriented teaching methods is our primary concern.
These leading objectives are realized via structural departments.
The department carries out scientific research, guidance work and expert advice on the phenomenon of child-prodigies. The work comprises such modules as scientific, art, research, cognitive, etc.

The Gymnasium has a strong partnership with the Writers' League of Russia and Peter's Academy of Science and Art, 
which is realized in organizing various literary and art contests for Gymnasium's pupils.

Our students take part in a variety of local quiz shows, intellectual contests and marathons which are held both at our gymnasium and other schools and institutions of higher education.

Main Principles of the Gymnasium

Educationthe most important criterion of social and individual cultural development


Culturethe highest spiritual value for a human being

Human beingas a unique value

Healtha unique value that needs care and protection

The Russian Federation our motherland rich in its history and customs


Our circle of famous partners include: Moscow State University, Institute of Psychology at Russian Academy of Education, Bauman Moscow  State Technical University, Moscow Institute of Open Education, Timiryazev Russian State Agrarian University (MTAA)

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